Hullo! I'm Alisa. (Uh-Lee-Suh.) I'm an animation artist and director living and working in New York City. My specialties include stop motion and After Effects animation, as well as puppet making. I've worked on many high profile projects in a variety of capacities. I've animated for Nick Jr's “Team Umizoomi,” designed backgrounds for Nick Jr's "The Wonder Pets," and created a stop motion series for YouTube. Thanks for dropping by!

1/13/13 I have a brand new reel for the new year! Most of this animation is from the past year.

2014 Animation Reel

12/23/13 The new Doctor Puppet Christmas special is here! And it's a musical!

A Timelord Christmas

11/22/13 The 5th episode of Doctor Puppet has premiered as part of YouTube's Doctor Who Week! Clips from Doctor Puppet were also featured in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary pre-show on BBC America.

Episode 5

8/5/13 The 4th episode of Doctor Puppet has premiered as part of YouTube's Geek Week!

Episode 4

5/29/13 The 3rd episode of Doctor Puppet is done! This one features a brand new puppet, an ambitious set, a little bit of 3D animation, and lots of references for fans of Doctor Who.

Episode 3

4/12/13 I've gotten some truly flattering press following the premiere of the latest two Doctor Puppet films. Here are a few articles and interviews.

The Huffington Post
The Nerdist
BBC America
USA Today
3/29/13 I've partnered with The Nerdist Network to make more stop motion animated episodes of the Doctor Puppet! I am beyond thrilled about this project. The first two episodes were released to coincide with the premiere of the new season of Doctor Who. More episodes to come!

Episode 1

Episode 2


Inspired by the success of my Doctor Puppet Tumblr blog, I made a stop motion Christmas special in the spirit of both the 1960s Rankin/Bass specials, and the modern Doctor Who specials. I started working on the video weeks before the BBC revealed anything about the real 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special, yet I managed to make a mini version of nearly the same story, only set in New York and with a kinder snowman. The similarities are eery. Here is the some of the press I got from other blogs:


My Tumblr blog starring the Doctor Puppet has gone viral! It's been fun answering fanmail for a puppet. Here are a few nice articles about us:


I directed, designed, and animated this promo for the new Violight SLIM toothbrush, which will be available at a store near you soon! I took photos of the toothbrushes from many angles then composited and animated them in After Effects. The music was composed by John Pahmer.


I animated about half of this music video for Vetiver. I also assisted with the photo shoot all over scenic Brooklyn. The video was directed by London Squared. Check it out at the Ottawa International Animation Festival where it will be in competition in September.


Just wrapped this spot for Best Western after a wonderfully insane time working on it. It's a combination of hand-drawn, stop-motion and cut-outs composited in AfterEffects. It was produced for Nick@Nite.


"Come Back Down," the J.Viewz music video I directed with help from Peter Ahern, Matt Witham and Jeff Wallenhorst recently premiered at We made all the sets and puppets from scratch in a week and a half!

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